May 10, 2013

{ODD IDOL} Time To Vote!

It's time!  Yippeee!
I mentioned earlier that I was chosen as one of the Top 20 contenders to win the {ODD IDOL} competition hosted by Kristy of {SOME ODD GIRL}....
Well, it's now time for YOU to vote for your favorite!  Only 15 contenders will move on to the next round and those 15 will be chosen by YOU, the voter.
I can't tell you which entry is mine... you simply just need to pick your favorite.  Trust me, whoever you pick will be super grateful, and the voting is anonymous, of course.
So if you wouldn't mind taking a few minutes to {CLICK HERE} you'll be taken to the Some Odd Girl ning community site where you can vote.  You will need to register first, but that is super quick and I'd be ever so happy if you did!  :)
You can vote ONE TIME between now and Midnight (EST) on Wednesday, May 15th.  One vote... so make it count!
Thanks, everyone!  I can't wait to show you my project, once the voting for this round is over, even if it's not chosen as a favorite.  :)
Annie Rose


Evy Goyens said...

I know you can't tell...
But i voted for number 6, just so you know ;-) I hope i'm right ;-)

Hugs, Evy

Chitra Nair said...

If I am not wrong your card is no. 6, I voted for that card, I really liked it... :)