May 24, 2013

{ODD IDOL} Time To Vote!

It's that time again!
The Top 15 projects have been listed on the {Some Odd Girl} site and it's time for YOU to pick your favorite!  The theme we were to follow this round was "OPPOSITE COLORS" -- to color an image in a way you wouldn't typically see it colored.  I had such a fun time creating my entry!
Again, the judging is done blindly, so you won't know which project belongs to which contestant... you simply go vote once for the one you feel hit the challenge theme on the head.
You simply vote for your favorite!
Voting can be done {HERE} and you can vote ONE TIME between now and Wednesday, May 29th.
Thanks for you support, everyone!  It would be such an honor to move on to the next round to have a chance at winning the amazing prize! :)
Thanks for visiting and voting.
Annie Rose


Evy Goyens said...

I voted for number one, really loved the way of coloring and use of papers ;-)

Chitra Nair said...

I voted for no.1 and hope that's your card.. he he he.. Your coloring always helps me identify your card..