Jun 23, 2013

{ODD IDOL} Final Round! Vote! Vote! Vote! :)

Can you tell I'm excited?
It's final vote time in the {ODD IDOL} Gallery Competition!
The TOP 5 entries are posted on the {SOME ODD WORLD} site and it's time for YOU to cast your vote for your favorite!  I am really nervous about this round... everyone in it with me is incredibly talented and has put forth some pretty amazing work!
I still totally want to win.  :)  The prize is amazing:
This prize is almost bigger than my entire crafty stash!  Awesome.
* * * * *
I still can't tell you which final entry is mine... you just need to see them all and vote for the one you feel best represents the current theme:
"For the Final Round, we asked the Five remaining Contenders to create a Three Piece Coordinating Set. We required three separate items, each one including one Some Odd Girl image, but they could be anything. There's a lot of room for interpretation here, and you won't be disappointed, some examples might be: card, tag/bookmark, box, bag, banner, frame, journal, Project Life page, cupcake topper, canvas, scrapbook page, wall hanging, clothing, tote, jewelry, etc. The three projects needed to be different from each other but must also go together."
If you've got an extra few minutes, PLEASE click over to the {SOME ODD WORLD} site to view the entries and vote!  You have ONE vote and you can cast that ONE vote between now and Midnight, EST, Wednesday June 26.
THANK YOU again to everyone who has taken the time to vote in this competition!  You guys are the best :)
Annie Rose


Evy Goyens said...

Wow! What a great news! I really hope you'll win! I've voted already .
I loved number four's coloring ;-) But the papers were new to me...

Hugs, Evy

Blankina said...

Good luck!! Will pop over..

Ciao Blankina

Chitra Nair said...

Wooooo hooooo... Alllll the best Annie.. I voted for number 4...

Rachel Parys said...

Good luck Annie! This voting is just impossible, everything is so amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

Voted, good luck!

Tress said...

Keeping fingers crossed for you!!!