Sep 18, 2016

{COLOR CHART} Zig Clean Color Real Brush Markers

I think part of the fun of buying new craft supplies is getting to organize them in ways that are easy to use, and markers are no exception.  Having a color chart of some sort is always helpful, no matter what kind of marker or pen or paint it's for, knowing the colors you have and seeing how they can easily be mixed and matched is a definite plus.



I've been using my new Zig Clean Color Real Brush watercolor markers a lot lately, but I didn't really know exactly what colors I had in my set of 48 markers, so I sat down and created a helpful color chart:

I started by trimming a piece of watercolor paper to a standard 8.5 x 11 inch size.  I made score lines with my scoreboard and a bone folder, creating three columns of 16 lines each (48 total sections).  I left an inch of blank space at the top for my title design.

I brushed on color halfway through each section with straight color from the marker, then used a brush and water to pull the ink out to the other side of the section.  I can see the full-strength color on the far left, and the lighter fade on the right.

I did this with all 48 colors.  It's so pretty!  I then used a black Sakura micron pen to write the names and numbers of the markers into the middle of each section:

Oh, ho, ho, yesss... this makes me so happy!

I'm storing it in a plastic page protector to keep it safe and clean from any dirt of water sprays, or even just my dirty inked-up fingers when I grab it:

I'm sure I'll be using this card each time I reach for my markers.
It only took a couple hours to make, from start-to-finish, so it's definitely doable in an afternoon, I highly recommend it!

***  As I've mentioned before, I bought my set of 48 markers on for just about $50 dollars.  This was after researching prices online and finding that most craft supply sites are selling the same set of 48 markers for around $150+, that's triple the price!  THAT IS INSANE!  Don't pay that much, do your own research and shop around for the best price so you can save money to buy MORE craft supplies.  Heh. ***

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Annie Rose


Diane Jaquay said...

This is a great tool to have! I love using my Zigs but I'm never sure about the colors. I usually end up testing them on paper every time I use them. Your efforts will be so worth it!

Sue from Oregon said...

oh I might have to pop over to Amazon!

CherylQuilts said...

Annie Rose, thanks so much for the tips about making a color chart. I've had the ZIG Clean Color Real Brush Markers but haven't yet made a color chart, which (for me) is vital when I'm coloring. Thanks for the visual images, and I'm excited about coloring my chart. Hugs!

Shell said...

Hello from New Zealand :) I seriously LOVE your colour chart! I've been trying to find a way to make a colour chart that makes sense and here it is! I'll definitely be making one of my own... in fact I might even do it today :)

Bast said...

I did purchase the 48 pack at Amazon, do glad they were still there! Love the idea for the color chart. Have to go and make one up as it makes things so much easier to see what the colors will look like and how they will go together.

Thanx a bunch for the info!