Sep 7, 2012

Distress Ink Tutorial: Foam Pads + Storage

This tutorial will show how I keep track of my Distress Ink foam pads and how I store my Inks.
I don't have a lot of desk or wall space in my small crafting corner, so most of my supplies are kept on a nearby shelf.  That means I needed a small and convenient way to store and keep track of my Inks and their matching foam pads.
Basically, all you need is the Ink pads, the foam applicator pads and some sticky-back Velcro (hook + loop tape).
1.)  Cut the hook side of the sticky-back Velcro into 1 inch (2.54 cm) strips.
2.)  Peel the backing off the strips and place them onto the bottom of each Distress Ink pad.  Most of the Ink pads show the color name on the back (why they all don't, who knows?) so I tried to stick the Velcro in a spot that left the name visible, in case the lids ever got separated from the base.
3.)  Place a foam applicator pad onto each Velcro strip.  The backing on the foam pads is already "looped" so the hook-side holds them on firmly.
4.)  I store my Ink pads on their sides, kind of like sliced bread.  This way, I can read all of the color names and when I grab a specific color, the matching foam applicator is right there on the back, ready for use.  No need to search for the matching color pad!
I store the pads in a hinged-lid plastic container, which I believe is sold as a shoe box.  The size is perfect and holds all 36 of my Ink pads, even with the extra bulk that the foam pads add to each one.  There's also enough space on top of them to hold the applicator tools so everything is kept together and organized.
Hopefully this will be helpful to you if you are looking for a simple and portable way to store your Distress Inks and foam pads.  I don't know that I will keep them this way forever, but it has worked quite nicely so far...
...why mess with a good thing?!


Denice said...

I label and store my foam applicators/ink pads the same as you...except I keep mine on an ink pad carousel. I do like the "shoe box" container...very andy for toting around.

Rachel Parys said...

Wowzers! This is fantastic! I love organizing things, I think it's fun! This is a super idea! I have all my foam pads in a small container right now, this is way more handy!

Darla said...

The velcro is a great idea. I was just putting them each into a little ziploc bag but I like this idea better. Before that I was rooting through looking for the right sponge to match the ink and this is sooooo much better.